Designing Perspectives, Visual Storytelling of Current Women Creative Directors of Graphic Design in Mexico City a research-based thesis creative outcome, an interactive traveling exhibition, was accepted on Design Week Mexico 2020. Designing Perspectives is part of the Inédito 2020 exhibit at Espacio CDMX in Mexico City. Very soon in Mexico City! 
Thank you to México Territorio Creativo and Design Week Mexico for this amazing opportunity! Nos vemos en CDMX!
This project intends to highlight cultural identity awareness by encouraging knowledge of contemporary Mexican women in graphic design in Mexico City. To achieve this project’s purpose designer researcher Barajas, followed the AIGA Women Lead Initiative model, around three goals: to celebrate the achievements of women in design; to cultivate awareness of gender-related issues; to build knowledge, leadership skills, and connections facilitating relationships within and beyond the design industry. Furthermore, this project intends to demonstrate how the communication design discipline can positively impact society by provoking a change in human consciousness. (Twemlow, 2006).
Alice Twemlow, Ph.D, is the co-chair of the School of Visual Arts Master in Arts in Design Research, Writing & Criticism in New York, and co-head of the Master in Arts in Design Curating & Writing at Design Academy Eindhoven. In her book What is Graphic Design For?, Twemlow states that “designers who want their work to inform, delight, [change human consciousness] and connect, will need to know much more about the people they are talking to, their beliefs, and backgrounds” (Twemlow, 2006 p. 80).​​​​​​​
An interactive traveling exhibition called Designing Perspectives was created to spark and continue the conversation about the interconnectedness of gender equity and diversity in the design industry in Mexico City. The intention being that future generations of up-and-coming designers will be able to identify these Mexican women creative directors, and view them as inspiration for their design practices. 
This project-based thesis, Mujeres Mexicanas del Diseño Gráfico: Showcasing the Current Women Creative Directors of Graphic Design in Mexico City, is committed to empowering women in design and advancing the discourse on the interconnectedness of gender equity and diversity in design. It aims to recognize contemporary Mexican women designers and instigate productive conversations around the interconnectedness of gender equity and diversity in design.
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