MFA Cross Cultures: Global Studio Integrates Technology and Humanity
In collaboration with my amazing colleagues Gaby DiSarli, Dillon Sorensen, and Mikaela Buck, we took a human-centered design approach to do our research about asylum refugees at Casa Marianela, a nonprofit organization based in Austin, TX. Enjoy the next video! ​​​​​​​
In July, several of us had a chance to traipse around the world virtually! The MFA Cross Cultures studio was a graduate design research workshop and international cross-cultures collaboration. Online technologies connected student teams from universities in Kyoto, Japan; Montevideo, Uruguay; Milano, Italy; and Amsterdam, Netherlands; and two teams from Texas State University. The theme of the studio was “Migration.” It was eye-opening for all teams to hear about how this broad and highly-charged topic is different and similar worldwide. Continue reading the words of my colleague Teresa Wingfield here MFA Comm Des Blog ​​​​​​​
Asylum Guide Prototype 
The following Asylum Guide is a prototype and the translations from English to French have not been reviewed.
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